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BGISD will be closed January 13-17, 2022

We have been monitoring the daily COVID counts. In just the last four days, we have seen a very sharp increase in the number of both positive COVID cases and quarantines. Our number of positive COVID cases has grown from 7 (last Thursday) to 26 (yesterday). The number of students and staff in quarantine because someone in their own home is sick has grown from 26 to 66.

These numbers do not reflect the true health of our students and staff. Nearly 20% of students were absent Tuesday. Another 26 students were sent home from school, many with a high fever. Of our students in attendance, we can tell many of them do not feel well at all. We are also operating with roughly 20 staff members
out. With the delay in receiving results from COVID tests, we expect there are more positive cases. As of Tuesday, we are at our highest COVID count since the pandemic began.

According to the CDC’s new guidance, a five-day pause from school should help slow the spread and allow our students and staff to heal. To make that happen, Blooming Grove ISD will close this Thursday and Friday. Add to that the weekend and the Monday holiday, we will have five days before students and staff return to school.

We will not have to make up these two days. We will utilize the extra time built into the district calendar.

Please continue to monitor your children for symptoms. If by Tuesday, they are showing any symptoms, please let the school know and keep them home.

Rick Hartley
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